Friday, May 25, 2018

The Start of Something New - Roses and Rye!

Well here I am.. about to start a new venture. The name is very special to me!  I have a group of beautiful granddaughters that have the last name of Rose and another beautiful granddaughter named Rye.  When I was struggling with finding a name I decided to put those together. 

So here's a look at the beautiful Rose girls....

And here is our beautiful Rye...

 Now to tell you the truth I feel a little bad about not adding my newest little grandson Beckett to the name but Roses, Rye & Beckett, just didn't sound right.  I think once I get everything started up I'll have a Beckett collection within the Roses & Rye umbrella.   I already have some great ideas for the Beckett collection!  

So what is Roses & Rye?  Well I'm going to start off using it to brand my handmade cards and crafts and hopefully will eventually add some home décor pieces and at some point I may even add some repurposed furnishings.  I had told my husband I wanted to do this when I retire and he suggested that I start part time prior to retirement.  That seemed like a great idea!  Sooooo that's where I am now my friends!  Thanks a ton for stopping by!  I'm going to start of getting a logo and watermark now.. so much to do and so little time.  Oh well.. it will all happen pretty quickly I think! :)

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